Friday, June 5, 2009

Travel and day one: Salvador da Bahia

Travel and day one: Salvador da Bahia

Leaving San Francisco in the early morning, we began our 26 hour journey down to Brazil. By way of New York, we took TAM airlines which flew us into São Paolo on a 9 hour flight, where I watched four films and slept for an hour before they woke everyone up for breakfast. It was good that we had three hours for our connecting flight to Salvador da Bahia because we used 2 ½ of it to get through customs and re-check our bags. The instant peeling off of clothing was a must even at 10 o’clock in the morning because the Bahian heat was quite penetrating. The airstrip (airport) is right along the water, separated by palm trees and some small houses. The drive to Barra, the part of town were we are staying, gave a glimpse of this very tropical town. We drove under bamboo which grew on either side and joined in the middle creating a canopy.

Who ever said that wearing flip-flops, shorts, and exposed skin was not only an instant give-away that you are a tourist, but even more so that you are an American tourist? Just about everybody. Well, Bahia is apparently different than any Latin American or European country I’ve ever been too. Lots of skin, shorts, and Havaianas are the ways of the natives.

Barra Guest House is run by Russel and his wife Keyko. We were greeted with maps, information, juice, and the promise of free nightly Caipirinhas (national cocktail of Brazil made with 40 proof cachaça (distilled from sugarcane), lime, and sugar) at 7PM with the other guests.

Nap this afternoon. Bahia is 4 hours ahead of California

(***Pictures are going to be a slower process***)

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