Monday, June 8, 2009

Da Sotero Politano a Carioca

Igreja Bonfim. The story behind this church is as follows. There were some fishermen that got stranded at sea during a storm and could not find their way back. One day, they saw a wooden Christ on a cross and they picked it up. They prayed to it, promising that he guided them to land they would build a church in his honor. The mixture of Catholicism and Candomble is celebrated at this church.

We met Eduardo outside of the church who is a native Bonfimian and regular parishioner there who essentially smuggled us in to a type of bendiciones (blessing) room and then negotiated for our stay of a few minutes. There were hollow wax body parts hanging from the ceiling symbolizing how Bonfim had granted them miracles with their ailments as well as pictures of those healed, this is similar to those offered to Hermano Pedro in Guatemala.

Mont Serrat and lighthouse by day. Not as exciting as when it was full of people.

Mercado Modelo. Probably one of the most organized central markets I’ve seen, similar organization to the goods market in Krakow, Poland. T-shirts, paintings, music instruments, capoeira pants, and jewelry made from a type of straw-like plant with a small white flower. (pictured: pair of earrings mom bought)

Pelhourinho. Still no Havaianas. The shop is apparently not operating at all.

Left for Rio de Janeiro.

Plane is signed by 22,000 TAM airlines employees.

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