Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forts and Nightly Dancing

In search, again, for the famous Havaiana shop in Pelourinho. We finally find the street after asking a local (which has been renamed—the New York times and Frommers should update their information on this shop). The shop is closed without any kind of signage as to when it is open. We decide to wing it until Monday before we take off to Rio de Jaineiro.

The Mercado Modelo is temping as we pass by it to get the dock where we went by boat to Forte São Marcelo which is off shore, completely circular and obviously surrounded completely by water. According to the very broken English of the tour guide, who insisted on saying everything in English as well although we understood more of her explanations in Portuguese, this is one of only three round forts in the world. We reached to top of it as the sun was setting, providing some spectacular views of the ocean’s horizon, the boats coming to shore, and a panoramic view of the old town.

Later on, we were picked up and given a night tour with co-founder and director of Balé Folclórico da Bahia, (who we know, so no, this is not random). He took us to Igreja do Bonfim, Mont Serrat fort and Pointa de Humaitá where it was very dark but there were still a lot of people eating on tables, and others dancing and playing music beneath the front of the church overhang which looks out unto the water.

Barra lighthouse/forte, Forte São Marcelo and forte Mont Serrat, create a triangle and therefore an excellent defense by either land or sea.

Shrimp Mocaque and Caipirinha for dinner was just what we needed.

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